Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Dieting Revolution

The South Beach Diet is a revolutionary way of looking at weight loss. It isn’t low carb or low fat—it’s all about balance and learning to choose good fats and good carbs instead of foods that don’t help your body. This diet was developed by Miami cardiologist Arthur Agaston as a way for heart patients to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off, but it was so successful that soon everyone wanted to try it. During the first two weeks on the South Beach Diet you’ll begin the process of learning to eat in a new way.

You’ll eat three balanced meals a day with normal size portions of meat, seafood, vegetables, eggs, cheese, and nuts. You won’t be hungry and you’ll learn how to ignore cravings and avoid wanting to overeat. You get to have snacks twice a day, drink diet soda, and eat out, but there are a few things you can’t eat in the first two weeks. You can’t have bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, baked goods, candy, ice cream, sugar, or fruit. You also can’t have beer or alcohol. But it’s only for two weeks. After that, you get to add these foods back into your diet in a healthy way. After the first two weeks, the next phase of the South Beach Diet begins.

You’ll still eat plenty of lean protein, vegetables, eggs, cheeses, and nuts, but you also get to add in some of your favorite carbohydrates and sugars. You’ll learn the difference between good carbs and bad carbs and learn to balance foods so that you stay full and have plenty of energy! You stick to this phase of the diet until you reach your target weight. Then you can add in even more carbs and sugars while still maintaining your new weight. Once you know how to balance healthy options with not-as-healthy favorites, it’s easy to eat what you love and still keep the weight off.The South Beach Diet is less of a diet and more of a way of life. It teaches you how to eat so that it isn’t such a struggle to be healthy. The foods emphasized are universally considered to be healthy choices rich in vitamins, minerals, omega-3 oils, and good fats. There are even prepackaged South Beach meal options that can be purchased online or in grocery stores, which makes it even easier to stay on dietsinreview

Friday, December 26, 2008

Start your Diet With Cabbage Soup!

The Cabbage Soup Diet is a new diet craze that is helping people everywhere kick start their diets to achieve real success. This plan is not a long term diet, it’s a program that will help you get a head start on losing weight that will get you motivated to lose more.

The Cabbage Soup Diet is a seven day weight loss plan that anyone can use to get started losing weight. This plan uses a combination of foods to help get your body into the weight loss mode. The special cabbage soup is the basis of this revolutionary plan and you can eat as much of it as you want every day! There is no going hungry on this plan, because you can always eat more as long as you stick to the foods outlined in the plan. Other than cabbage soup, you can eat fruit, vegetables, beef, milk, rice, and drink tons of teas and juice. It can be boring eating so few foods, but since this diet should only be followed for seven days, it’s easier than you think!

There are pros and cons to this diet. It can’t be used for more than a week at a time and eating the same thing every day can get a little boring—but the results are worth it! Almost everyone who has tried the Cabbage Soup Diet has been successful and used the diet as a bridge to a more long term diet. Of course, you should always consult your doctor before starting a new diet—but if you are the type of person who needs fast results to motivate you then this could be the plan for you!

Diet Guide – Exercise, Eat Right, and Add Some Pills to Go Along!

Do you feel stressed and unhappy because you cannot lose weight? Have you tried multiples diets and nothing has worked so far? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you better read some of the diet tips presented below and discover for yourself the easy road to weight loss. One thing you should always remember: there is no stronger power to help you lose weight than your own inner strength and persistence!

Many people consider that a diet is represented by extreme suppression of food intake associated with a famous diet pill and intensive exercise.The truth is somewhere in the middle. If you want to achieve weight loss, then you have to reduce the calories intake, exercise plenty and add some of those diet pills to increase the efficiency of the diet. But you never want to exaggerate and most importantly, you should never stress your body too much. Stay away from those diet tips that force you to become an anorexic and do what’s right, what’s healthy.

Successful diet tips always start with the way you eat, the quantity and quality of what you eat. For many people, the weight problems start by eating too much and not necessarily healthy. Learning all about the right eating habits is essential. It ensures a smooth performance of your organism and regular burning of excessive fat. The concept of weight loss is not something that can be achieved overnight. It will take some times before noticeable results appear and you have to discipline yourself in order to maintain the positive effects of the diet. Choose a diet that is rich in fibers, vitamins and not in fats or carbohydrates. Be sure to drink a lot of water and get rid of drinks high in glucose as they contain way too much calories.

Obesity is one of the major risk factors for heart disease and cerebrovascular attacks. As more and more people suffer from this condition, scientists and medical specialists work side by side trying to find more effective methods to promote weight loss. They state categorically the importance of eating healthy and avoiding harmful food, adding physical exercise at the top of the list. As for the weight lost pill many studies have been made and some of the research results are truly encouraging. Dietary supplements are known to act as appetite suppressants, having effects on the metabolism and preventing fatty deposits from forming. The diet pill can have different results from one individual to another. It is especially effective when associated with the right diet and regular exercise. Under no circumstances should it be taken in higher doses than prescribed and it is not recommended for those who suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes.

The reality is that there are no miraculous solutions for weight loss. It is still up to us to succeed, on our desire to be healthy and decrease the risk factors associated with obesity. In order to make informed diet choices, we need to learn about all weight loss alternatives, follow proper dietary recommendations and establish an exercise routine and stick to it. Most experts agree that losing weight quickly is not healthy as it is a step by step process and they are not wrong. It is important to start with light exercises (wiping the dust counts!), reduce your daily calories intake and choose a diet supplement that fits your needs. It takes courage and persistence to achieve weight loss and you should congratulate yourself for every step you have mastered!